Website hosting for the small business

website hosting for the small business

Website hosting for the small business. provides affordable website hosting for the small business.
Most small businesses only require a web presence, this may be a few simple webpages advertising their products and services or it could be a full e-commerce website with products available to buy online, regardless of the impact you want to make on your visitors or the products and services you want to offer online, there is no getting away from the fact that hard drives and hard drive space has dramatically reduced in price over the years.

This now means that the average website can have gigabytes worth of space available for anything from £2 a month up to around £5 a month, gone are the days when the small business has to pay extra to have an image gallery or an online shop or have to pay through the nose for a few extra megabytes!

We will be looking at website hosting in more detail in future articles and looking at the options for the small business to source what they want for their website at a price the small business owner can afford and in many cases you may be surprised to learn that a lot of the software available comes FREE of charge.

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