Interwebby, website design and hosting for the small business.

Interwebby.net is a sole trader and small business run by myself Cob (real name Colin)
Based in Dunfermline, Fife in Scotland, I have been fixing computers for about 20 years, back in the day when Windows 3.11 was the “in thing” 🙂

I went on from building and fixing computers to building websites for friends and local businesses and have never looked back.
Today I still fix computers, hardware and software faults but also do a lot of graphic design and website work, this can be anything from a poster or a flier for printing to a full website.

Please visit my portfolio page, check my website client links on the right hand side of this website or contact me if you wish to discuss any of the services I offer. The website clients list of links range from consultations, artwork and full blown websites.

Below is a scan of an award I won at Lauder College in 1994, this was the Marconi Shield for Best Electronics Student, it was presented by the Managing Director of Solectron a local electronics factory, I was lucky enough to end up working for Solectron and worked my way up to middle management, unfortunately Solectron has now closed down in Dunfermline. I must also admit to most probably not being the best at electronics in my class, I was awarded the Marconi Shield more for my contributions to the course as I was part of a team looking at improving the course and learning across the whole year

marconi shield best electronics student